cozy at 0°F

sprinter 144 4x4
Bend, Oregon

i am amazed at the versatility of the van. we have spent nights that never got below 70 degrees in well as one night that it was as cold as 0....yes....0....and we have been comfortable. the fan is very effective for warm nights and the heater and insulation are great on cold nights.

the van is an option to go just about anywhere. with the addition of a Road Shower and Starlink literally means there are no boundaries (provided there are roads of course).

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favorite thing about the esplori system

it's well designed. it's lightweight (i get 17 mpg using the gas engine...and no place i go is flat). the battery power allows multiple days off the grid. the modular tracks in the garage allow for multiple options for gear (bikes, skis, etc.)

most frequently used for

we go to national parks. we've been to probably 20 of them over the past 12 months. i'm writing this while looking at Mt Rainier. in the winter, it was our ski tour. we skied everywhere from California to Alberta, CA.

most memorable trip

my favorite ski trip was the one up to Banff skiing Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, Revelstoke, and Silver Star Mountain. my favorite park always the one we are on at the time. i can't pick one over the others. it do think it is important to note....for those comparing notes...that i've taken about a week in total of vacation for everything i mentioned. one day off here and there. i've mostly worked full time over the adventure.

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