happy Baloo

sprinter 144 4x4
Bend, Oregon

i did a lot of research on my Sprinter van, and kept coming back to esplori. when it looked like i finally was going to get my hands on a new 4WD 2500 Sprinter, i met with Brian and Colin to talk about my options. the designed components - all aluminum - really caught my attention. as they put it, cutting down on the weight gives you more capacity for your gear, which was really appealing.

we actually gave our van a name - Baloo - after the Jungle Book bear. Brian and Colin were tuned in to just what we were after, and delivered on every recommendation they gave.

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favorite thing about the esplori system

my favorite thing about my van is the functionality.  everything can come out when needed, but everything in it, when assembled, can be configured for each trip. i have everything i wanted and more.

most frequently used for

long and short road trips are the most common use. having just retired, i anticipate more and more treks to places i haven’t yet been, and a return trip up the Alaskan Highway.

most memorable trip

our most memorable trip was the maiden voyage this year, when a deer jumped in front of us on US Hwy 12 in Northern Idaho. we limped back to Bend and had repairs done, with recommendations from Brian and Colin at esplori. we have it back good as new, and just in time for a fishing trip to the Big Horn River in Montana. camping in bear country was restful - no worries and slept like a log in Baloo.

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