sprinter 144 4x4
Bend, Oregon

the team at esplori took the time to listen to my needs regarding how i wanted to use my van and recommended me a solution that exceeded expectations.

esplori went above and beyond on ensuring that i understood how everything worked in my van, walking me through systems months after the install without any hesitation.

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favorite thing about the esplori system

my van allows me to bring all of my toys with me on my adventures without sacrificing functionality and ease of use. i spend a ton of time outside surfing, mountain biking, kayaking, and generally lost on mountain roads – the van allows me to take advantage of all of these amazing places doing the things that i love.

most frequently used for

most of the time i use my van for extended road trips that incorporate an outdoor adventure and sleeping/camping out of the van for multiple days.

most memorable trip

my most memorable trip was a five week cross country trip during the beginning of COVID where being self-contained was very important. sleeping in the van nightly in urban/rural areas and having all of our gear/clothing/food with us was AMAZING!

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