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Esplori interior kit

1. interior panels and brackets

  • mid wall panels
  • lower panels
  • ceiling panels
  • wall to ceiling “wings”
  • transition pieces between cab and cargo area
  • reinforced ceiling brackets
  • reinforced vertical wall brackets
  • upper rear door panels
  • lower rear driver door panel
  • lower rear passenger door panel
  • upper sliding door panel
  • lower sliding door panel

2. l-track

  • ceiling
  • upper wall
  • mid wall
  • lower wall
  • vertical wall
versatile and designed for functionality. the attachment point for cabinets, tables, or anything else you can think of. the l-track runs across all sides of your van.

3. fan & illumination

Lumicoin lightsclassically designed, the Lilu D flush mounted light fixture is manufactured from billet aluminum and is fitted with a 3 mm opaque lens for optimum light distribution. equipped with an integrated switch / dimmer. the body is finished in satin silver.
fanbuilt-In rain cover provides full time protection, while fan is on or off. Use the fan while raining or drivingpowerful 10 speed reversible fan with thermostat to control room temperatureoptional remote control with programmable thermostat fits all standard 14" x 14" roof openings

4. insulation & soundproofing

Kilmat soundproofing  pre-cut and labeled Thinsulate; (double backed)
lightweight insulation and soundproofing. stay warm with pre-cut and labeled, double-backed insulation. reduce road sounds with Kilmat soundproofing that dampens noise and provides additional insulation.

interior kit

starting at $18,995
starting at $21,995
Weight icon
less than 225 lbs
made in the USA!
beautifully designed
  • provides attachment points for modular interior buildout
  • easy to clean
  • highly durable
light & easy
  • 144/170 kit less than 225/300 lbs installed
  • ~40 hour install time
environmentally friendly
  • made from recyclable aluminum
  • no vocs
  • powder coated, not painted (custom colors available upon request)
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interior kit

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what’s inside

diy installation

beautifully designed to support multiple configurations
ready to get your Sprinter van converted today? esplori’s signature aluminum panels are now available as a diy interior kit cleverly designed to be installed in ~40 hours. get all the benefits of a professional van conversion in an easy-to-install kit. kits include a fan, reinforced l-track, walls and ceiling panels, hardware, lights, wiring harness, insulation, and soundproofing throughout for your ultimate van conversion.
the complete interior conversion kit is shipped directly to you for your installation. esplori supplies online video instruction and phone support during normal business hours.
supplied tools
  • 1/8” drill bit
  • 1/4” - 3/4” drill step bit
  • 3/8” drill bit short
  • 9/32” drill bit short
  • 5/16” drill bit
  • Installation jigs
  • debur tool
  • paint brush
  • soundproofing roller
  • rust prevention
what additional tools do i need to install the kit?
  • driver
  • drill
  • metal file
  • screwdrivers
  • allen wrenches
  • rivnut set tool
  • wire crimper 14-16g
  • lug crimper 6g
  • jig saw
  • jig saw blade 36T per inch or more for cutting metal
  • sharpie
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