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Esplori Team

how it started

Brian and Colin met at the neighborhood playground where they took their kids. the two fathers quickly bonded over their shared love of the outdoors. Brian, from the Pacific Northwest, grew up camping in the rain and fondly remembers eating soggy hot dogs with amazing people around a warm campfire.

Colin has never really been a camping, sleep-on-the-ground kind of guy, but he loves outdoor activities and sitting around a campfire. together they envisioned how they could enhance outdoor experiences for families, and this led them to the solution.

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Esplori team playing cards in the forrest
Esplori installation

the creation of esplori

esplori’s Sprinter van interior kit is built to be lighter, longer lasting, and have a lower carbon footprint so you can carry more gear and make more memories on your endless adventures. our commitment to quality, safety, and the environment is prioritized in the practical and comfortable design. what began as an idea is now a reality in a van conversion company dedicated to helping you get outdoors with your family and friends.

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what we care about

our values

esplori exists thanks to those who share our love for outdoor adventures with family and friends. we strive to create the ultimate travel experience for you, so you can focus on spending quality time together.

hit the road

you can go where you want, right now. we incorporate this approach into our design process, resulting in unique products that push the status quo and elevate the user experience.

the long haul

driven to be environmentally conscious, we continually test and evaluate new components to ensure the overall product lasts as long as possible.

the right path

we’re dedicated to doing what’s right, doing it thoroughly, and doing it well. always professional and conscientious, our customers can trust us to deliver the highest quality products and services.

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