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10 Benefits of Van Life

The immense popularity of van life is evident. Roads all over the United States and the world are filled with vans and mobile homes, and photos of van lifers have taken over social media. More people are saying bye to traditional vacations and instead living the van life either part-time or full-time. 

There are several vehicle options for living the van life. Some opt for a van conversion, while others rent or purchase an RV. Regardless of the camper van you choose, you’re sure to have the ultimate adventure because there are numerous benefits of van life

Many people welcome the van lifestyle with open arms, while some may have their hesitations. So is van life worth it? We say absolutely yes for the following reasons.

1. Make Your Own Travel Schedule

No need to worry about arriving at the airport on time or calling a taxi to your hotel. With van life, you can travel at your own pace.

2. Travel Comfortably

Traveling in a van with lots of space is much more comfortable than a cramped car. Road trips are quite enjoyable in a van, especially with added leg room and storage. Plus, your kids (and pets) will love it!

3. Bring More Gear

With Esplori’s lightweight build, you can bring more gear in our van than others. Does the whole family want to go skiing? No problem! There’s plenty of space for everyone’s ski equipment, snow gear, and beyond.

4. An Inexpensive and Immersive Experience

You can save money by traveling in a van. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on transport and accommodations, you travel and stay in your van. It’s one of the cheapest ways to see all of the United States.

5. Connect with Nature

Visit national parks or go camping deep into the woods. Traveling by van lets you immerse yourself in nature wherever you choose. 

6. Disconnect from Devices

Van life embraces off-roading, wilderness exploration, and authentic travel. Van dwellers frequently find themselves in areas where cell service doesn’t reach. And while some people choose to install wifi in their van so they can work remotely, others prefer to disconnect and go offline for a few days completely. 

7. Customize your Space

When building your camper van, you can customize it how you’d like, depending on its intended use. Whether for part-time or full-time van life, surfing, mountain biking, or camping with the family, there are many options for installations and amenities to accommodate all occasions. 

8. Embrace the Minimalist Lifestyle 

Van life teaches you how to live with less. On each journey, there’s only room for you to bring essential items. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how relieving it feels to live with fewer things. It’s a freeing experience and changes the way you view the world. 

9. Be Part of a Community 

There’s a whole van life community full of adventurers and outdoors-lovers. Van lifers are social people who love sharing thoughts, experiences, and ideas. Check out Facebook for some van life groups to join and get travel ideas, tips, and advice for starting life on the road. 

10. Strengthen Relationships & Connections

When traveling in a van, you’ll feel much closer to the people you’re with - literally and figuratively. After living the van life with your friends and family, even just for a few days, you’ll have created so many unforgettable memories that bond you together.

Van life teaches you a lot about yourself and the world around you. Traveling by van can be a transformative experience; check out these van life stories from the Esplori community.

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