2019 Sprinter 4x4

2019 Sprinter 170 4x4 - For Sale - $154,000

If you're seeking the ultimate adventure vehicle, you needn't look any further than the 2019 Sprinter! This remarkable ride boasts ample space to relax, change, and shake off the worst of the weather, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout your journey. Even your furry companion has a cozy spot to call their own, so you can both unwind together. Plus, with adjustable 360 degree seats, you can swiftly switch from driving to mingling with ease. You can even put in or remove the back seats to bring along all your loved ones!

But that's not all– with the Sprinter's impressive 180 watts of solar power and 600 amp hours of energy, you'll never have to fear running out of juice during your travels. And with features such as an onboard air compressor, 52-gallon diesel tank, backwoods front bumper with winch, Baha prolights, instant hot water, fridge, microwave, toaster, and Dish TV, you're truly in for a deluxe ride.

With enough room to tow boats or pack on mountain bikes, this Sprinter really is the ultimate ski vehicle. Don't settle for less– choose the 2019 Sprinter to ensure a comfortable, unforgettable journey every time!

Asking $154,000

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