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Embark with Esplori Vans - Vol 1, Issue 1

Esplori Custom Sprinter Vans: Welcome Aboard! 

Introducing: the all-new Esplori website and travelogue! With our new and improved adventure van website, it’s now easier than ever to start your dream van build at our Sprinter van conversion company. We hope you’ll take some time to explore the site and learn more about our high-quality Sprinter products, components, and services.

Here in the travelogue, we’ll share van life tips and DIY tricks, behind-the-scenes stories and exclusives, and all the best things about the Esplori spin on #vanlife and, what we like to call, comfortable camping. We’ll also recommend cutting-edge Sprinter van conversion products, share field reports from adventurers in Esplori-built vans, and offer road-tested methods for on-the-road convenience and organization.

So keep reading (and stay tuned!) to learn more about the ways you can craft your version of adventure with Esplori.

Dream, Develop, Deliver—With Esplori Vans

If you’re ready to begin your adventure van build today, the best place to start is with our How to Buy page. This is where you’ll find more information about our custom-made Sprinter van parts as well as components built by our industry-leading partners. The process is simple: you tell us what you want and we draw up the plan. Once we decide on the right-for-you layout, we install your features and you drive home happy in your fabulous new Esplori van!

Check out the How to Buy page and let us know how we can turn your version of adventure into an eco-conscious, built-to-last Sprinter van you can call your own.

Shop Esplori for your Custom Van Build

When you imagine your perfect camper van, what do you see? Browse the Esplori Shop Page for inspiration. With options for custom Sprinter van interiors, exteriors, and electrical systems, we offer endless opportunities for comfortable camping. Explore our selection of premium Sprinter van products and build an adventure van for weekend Pacific Northwest excursions, cross-country road trips, and everywhere in between.

Excited to learn more about your options with Esplori? Swing by the Shop page.

Meet the Esplori Team

Curious about the origins of Esplori? Read more about Brian Bates and Colin Clark, the kind humans behind our custom Sprinter van builds and comfortable camping philosophy. At our adventure van company in Bend Oregon, we prioritize eco-friendly materials and practices, a real work-life balance, and of course, time outside. So if you’re ready to pack it up, move it out, and hit the road, let’s get started. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Get to know more about the way we do things at Esplori over on Our Story.

Our Valuable Partners at Esplori

At Esplori, we believe in the power of connection. To provide you with the finest craftsmanship, functionality, and performance for your adventure van, we collaborate with top brands across the industry. And because we offer professional installation services, we make it easy to choose the right product, whether it’s built by Esplori or another eco-friendly company.

Visit the Partners page today to learn more about our favorite van conversion brands.

Get in Touch With Esplori—And Your Dream Adventure Van

If you’ve read this far, take it as a sign that you’re ready for your next adventure! Let the team at Esplori help you bring your ideal Sprinter van build to life. Fill out the checklist on our Contact page to let us know exactly what you want and need for comfortable camping and #vanlife zen.

And be on the lookout next month for news and updates from your friends at Esplori!

Until next time—


For monthly tips, tricks, and insight on comfortable camping, highlights on some of our favorite Sprinter van products, and van life stories from the open road, subscribe to our Esplori Travelogue below.

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