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Esplori Vans Comfortable Camping Overview - Vol 1, Issue 2

Posted by Brian Bates on
Esplori van in high desert winter with door open and light glowing from within

There’s a Whole World Out There—See It, Live It, Camp It (Comfortably)

At Esplori, we know how good it feels to envision your own version of adventure, and then make it happen. To pack up with minimal hassle and in record time, hit the open road, and find yourself in another world a few hours later.

Planning and prepping for outdoor family adventure is, to say the least, inherently complex and more than meets the eye. Fortunately, though, once you're out there and you get to spend time exploring and experiencing the beauty of the earth through the eyes of your kids—teaching them respect and appreciation for wild spaces and animals, showing them just how interconnected we all are—it is so worth it. 

It's beyond words worth it.

Keep It Simple & Adventure Often With Esplori Vans

If you haven’t guessed by now, we’re huge proponents of keeping things as simple and intuitive as possible in order to travel as often and as easily as we can (when we’re not building vans for our wonderful customers!). 

What this means is that we’ve said goodbye to sliding tent poles into nylon sleeves at half-past midnight while the mosquitos descend. Instead, we get to adventure with our families in a self-contained and self-sufficient way that makes sense for us. In the same vein, we’ve also chosen the kind of “comfortable camping” that doesn't involve RV hookups or crowded campsites. Our vans are not RVs (and we don’t want them to be), and our Sprinter layouts don’t factor in built-in showers or plumbed toilets. The equation, for us, isn’t a complicated one. 

simple + streamlined = more adventures, more often (yesss)

Solar, Solar, Everywhere—Let’s Unplug & Reconnect

We also get on board with solar panels (Zamp is our go-to for dependable off-grid juice) and are currently looking into a unique shower solution from The Geyser System for its portability, low water usage, and ability to deliver a hot shower).

And because we find value in exploring and relaxing without any kind of digital distraction, the van life we’ve created for ourselves is all about unplugging (no built-in TVs, thank you), being in nature, and enjoying the outdoors comfortably with our crew. 

Basically, we’re not shy about saying that the vans we first designed for ourselves and our families continue to inspire us to live exactly how we want to live. We hope your van does the same for you.


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