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Esplori Comfortable Camping Overview - Vol 1, Issue 2

Posted by Brian Bates on
Esplori van in high desert winter with door open and light glowing from within

Family-Friendly Van Life—Dreams Versus Reality

As fathers ourselves, family is always at the forefront of our minds. Our partners and our kids are integral to our lives, and so when it came to deciding how to lay out our custom Sprinter vans, we started with three things in mind: ease of use, simplicity, and keeping our families safe on every adventure.

With little ones in tow, we know firsthand just how *ahem* quickly your vision of adventuring out into the great beyond with the whole family can shift.

You: Let's pack up and go, maybe we can catch the sunset together before settling into a secluded spot along the river and laying our heads down beneath an evening light show of sky-streaking Perseids. 

Reality: It's Friday at 4:59pm, the forecast is calling for a 70% chance of rain and every last piece of camping gear is sprawled on the driveway, waiting to make the cut for your "relaxing weekend outdoors." It's 6:20am Saturday morning and your RV's gray water tank needs to be emptied, the drinking water basin refilled, the AC unit cleaned and slideouts re-greased—meanwhile you can't recall whether or not you booked the RV site for June or July 4th, and your 3-year-old insists on maintaining a steady wail while you reconfigure what you had initially thought was a solid packing job.

Planning and prepping for outdoor family adventure is, to say the least, inherently complex and more than meets the eye. Fortunately, though, once you're out there and you get to spend time exploring and experiencing the beauty of the earth with your crew—teaching them respect and appreciation for wild spaces and animals, showing them just how interconnected we all are—it is so worth it. It's beyond words worth it.

And so with Esplori vans, our goal from day one has been to simplify and streamline the packing processes, say goodbye to RV maintenance, and lower the barrier to "getting ready to go," so that you can and do actually go. More swiftly, more often, more. 

Esplori Sprinter Vans—Get Out, Explore Beyond, Camp Comfortably

At Esplori, we know how good it feels to envision your own version of adventure, and then make it happen. To pack up with minimal hassle and in record time, hit the open road, and find yourself in another world a few hours later.

And because we know just how precious the freedom of being able to get out and explore truly is—with family, with friends, with yourself for company—we believe in sharing that freedom with as many people as possible. Our thoughtfully crafted, custom Sprinter vans are designed to keep every solo trip or family outing simple, organized, and as freeing as the first time.

With every Sprinter van we build out, our goal is for you to experience the weightlessness of easy packing and comfortable camping, wherever you roam. To get used to having nothing but a loose plan, a few extra layers, and your favorite snacks, and know that the van you're in was built to be used, get out there, and get dirty along with you. 

Esplori Van Life—Upgrade Your Tent Camping Game

Because we've designed our Esplori vans to get you out the door and on the road faster, you can embrace the spontaneous and skip town for the weekend, or you can decide to leave at the last minute and make your version of adventure happen by nightfall. Like we said, our main goal with Esplori is to build the kind of Sprinter vans that get people out the door faster, and inspire them to live the way they want to live. 

In Esplori language, here’s how that breaks down:

  • You can ditch the tent poles and settle in under your favorite comforter. We don't want you to have to try to slide a tent pole into a nylon sleeve at half-past midnight ever again. With our custom Sprinter vans, you and your fellow adventurers are self-contained and self-sufficient, especially when it comes to setting up camp and bedding down. 
  • You can say goodbye to RV hookups and crowded campsites. Because Esplori vans are not RVs (and we don’t want them to be), our custom Sprinter layouts don’t factor in built-in showers or plumbed toilets. Which means you don’t have to search for a campsite with RV hookups, or even book a campsite ahead of time at all. We incorporate solar panels to keep you juiced and hookup-free, and highly encourage solar showers. Our favorite is The Geyser System for its portability, low water usage, and ability to deliver a hot shower
  • You get to unplug, explore, and relax. Esplori van life is all about unplugging and enjoying the outdoors, comfortably and without distractions. You won't find any built-in TVs in our Sprinter layouts, but you will find plenty of organized space space for relaxing after a day well spent. 
  • You can pack simple, pack light, and get there in record time. Because we take the time to thoughtfully design our Sprinter interior layouts, Esplori vans help keep you and your stuff highly organized and on track. We combine durable, high-quality aluminum paneling and cabinets with sturdy Smartfloor aluminum flooring to create a sleek and streamlined Sprinter interior that’s easy to clean and a cinch to maintain.  

    With all the benefits of van life—including no extra tent camping stuff or RV maintenance, upkeep, and trip planning—our Esplori vans are designed to inspire you to live exactly how you want to live, even if your screaming 3-year-old has other plans.

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